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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Ensure that your website ranks on page one of a Google search! How? Through CBR’s certified SEO experts. SEO involves website analyses, coding and copy generation. We work, together with Search Engines, to ensure that your website and business have the internet presence that they deserve.

Web Design

CBR designs easy-to-use, interactive and aesthetically pleasing websites. Each site is specially designed to appeal to the correct target audience, and to enhance the user experience on all devices. A badly designed, complicated or confusing website may discourage customers from learning more about you, or contacting you.

Content and Copywriting

The words we use, and how we use them, can make or break the message we send to the world, and how we are received. CBR’s Copywriting department use their research and writing skills, combined with expertise in trends, SEO and brand awareness to write clear, concise, creative and brand sensitive copy for whatever our clients require…

Graphic Design

When human beings like the way something looks, we are more inclined to look further. CBR’s team of highly skilled designers create visually stimulating, user friendly and exciting designs for anything from mailers, banners and websites to billboards and car wraps…


Through our extensive market and brand research, and our innovative and strategic way of thinking, CBR’s strategists understand your brand. Our experts in Marketing and Advertising strategy ensure that your brand is marketed in the most relevant, creative and convincing way. We develop and initiate marketing strategies aligned to your business objectives, campaign strategies, and brand strategies.

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

A website or digital presence is a like a window into your organisation. Your online presence shows more than products and services. It shows ideologies, principles, social responsibilities and tones. Online Reputation Management promotes and maintains the type of message your company sends to the world, and helps to add a human touch to the window through which you are seen.

Social Media

We are a Social Media generation. Having an interactive, professionally run presence on Social Media is an integral form of brand awareness, communication, marketing and business growth. CBR’s Social Media Specialists combine their marketing skills with their extensive knowledge of Social Media trends and behaviours. We ensure that your brand has the Social Media presence that every brand needs

Advertising on Google

The intelligence of Google Advertising is that it is tailored to individual users. Adverts are activated by certain keywords; they target relevant audiences through search histories and; can be narrowed down to only target specific demographics. CBR specialises in the following:

  • Paid Advertising

  • CBR’s team of Paid Advertising Specialists ensure that your adverts reach increased, yet relevant audiences. Search, Mobile, YouTube and Display advertising, through Google Adwords, banners and videos allow for brand exposure and awareness, across the Google network.

  • Media Buying

  • Media Buying includes page takeovers on popular websites, Masthead Advertising and banners and backdrops that find their way onto your screen, while you browse. This allows for increased brand exposure on, widely visited, online publications.

  • Programmatic Media Buying

  • Programmatic Media Buying is an escalated form of display advertising. It allows for meticulous and specific targeting on popular publications and websites. This means that you are only advertising to people who have portrayed similar interest in your service or offering. Programmatic Media Buying is automated and can be tailored to all devices.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

In order to successfully market a brand, product or campaign, various elements are crucial to consider. From marketing strategies, slogans and by-lines, your website’s look-and-feel, your organisation’s reputation (online and offline) and, your Social Media presence to SEO and paid advertising, continuous copy and content generation, traditional advertising mediums and, mailers and newsletters – CBR offers truly comprehensive, tailor-made Marketing and Advertising solutions.