Marketing as you know it, redefined!

Imagine your business could place a billboard on the busiest freeway in town and that there was relatively no expense or delay in preparing the design, printing and erecting your billboard.

Imagine if you could accurately evaluate the ‘eyeballs’ that saw your billboard at any given moment, as opposed to some estimate of the number of cars that simply drove past it. And what if you could have factual evidence that those ‘eyeballs’ were the intended targets of your uniquely tailored message?

Imagine that, armed with this knowledge, you were able to move your billboard to the busiest intersection in town – in a matter of minutes – where, through thorough analysis, it has been determined that the ‘eyeballs’ you covet are travelling and that they are primed to see your message and interact with your brand. Imagine you weren’t paying a premium for the supposed millions of ‘eyeballs’ that have no interest in your message or brand.



It is indisputable how the internet and the smartphone have forever altered how you and your customers read news, search for information, and engage friends, family, and the world as a whole. Similarly, digital marketing has revolutionized how you can reach your audience with the right message at the right time.

As a digital marketer, there is no greater thrill than knowing that you have secured R1 million – or more! – transaction, or a ten-times ROI on a client’s campaign as a direct result of a digital advert a.k.a ‘billboard’ that you placed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or TikTok. The amazing thing is that, should you wish to, you can measure and report on it every step of the way until the deal is done. The key to this knowledge lies in the data generated by your customers’ multiple interactions with your website, social media or direct messaging, which in turn allows your business to continually refine your marketing efforts to deliver real, valuable results.

Whether you are a consumer-focused business (B2C), a corporate-focused business (B2B) or a hybrid of the two, it’s critical for your business to analyze, understand and know exactly who your prospects are. Further to that, your business needs to research and define who the key personas and decision-makers within that prospective customer base are. Once you have that right, this knowledge must continually merge with the data that you are generating around your current digital customers and prospects. This will allow you to successfully optimize your marketing efforts and ensure you are finding and engaging the ‘eyeballs’ that are relevant to building your business’s success.

Digital marketing is a relative fraction of the cost compared to above the line marketing, and the return on investment should always be substantial. When done properly, it is measurable and informative to growing your revenue.

So why not start – or enhance – your business’s digital marketing journey by experiencing how CBR Marketing can help you get the right ‘eyeballs’ on your brand? You’ll no longer need to imagine…

Written by CEO – Ben Swartz

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