Bidvest McCarthy | Tik Tok Campaign


TikTok is growing at an impressive rate. How would we integrate the largest automotive group in South Africa with a social media platform that encourages brands to use TikToks instead of ads?


Since Bidvest McCarthy is a multi-franchise group with many brands, it was important to consider how the brands would contribute to TikTok and ensure that the content created was ideal for TikTok. This required collaboration from 75 dealerships, CBR and Bidvest McCarthy Head Office. The success of integrating BMC with TikTok relied heavily on a collaborative effort from both CBR and all Bidvest McCarthy dealerships.

The dealers were excited to have their dealerships appear on TikTok to show off their cars and dealer floors. Two workdays were dedicated to video submission and editing, and the creation of curated content for each brand.


Through paid advertising and organic reach, our videos received over two million views and 80 021 likes, they were shared 699 times, and gained over 25 000 new TikTok followers. This was driven through viral engagement and increased brand awareness, while video views impacted user search behaviour, with the keyword “mccarthy” boosting organic search impressions and organic clicks by 54% and 88% respectively.